Conquering Corporate Codependence

Lifeskills For Making It Within
or Without the Corporation

By Carolyn Corbin with Gene Busnar
Publication Date: 1993
ISBN: 0-13-145848-5

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How to Become a Free Agent Within and Without Your Organization

Far too many of today’s workers have become too dependent on their workplace to provide them with financial security, boost their self-esteem, foster social needs, and furnish spiritual fulfillment.  “Between the years 2015-2025, approximately 70% of the workforce will become nonpermanent,” claims Carolyn Corbin. Working in this environment requires a completely different set of skills than workers have today. Corbin further asserts: “Only about 10% of today’s workforce is equipped to handle the new workplace being created over the next few years.”  In Conquering Corporate Codependence, Carolyn Corbin presents the first thorough examination of the five skills that workers must have in order to be successful in the 21st century workplace:

  1. the ability to envision the future

  2. how to be a team player and simultaneously take care of yourself

  3. ways to access any needed information through technology and people

  4. how to establish personal goals, measurements, and feedback systems for staying on track

  5. techniques for maintaining life balance in a warp speed world.

This book also addresses how to:

  • control seemingly uncontrollable events

  • overcome the stress of downsizing 

  • raise your self-esteem

  • succeed in a performance-based world

  • become innovative

  • solve problems through unique thinking skills

  • turn weaknesses into strengths

  • become more career self-reliant

Conquering Corporate Codependence offers practical solutions for taking charge of your own career destiny and shows you how to break free from the cycle of dependency that has clinched workers for the past 60 years.

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