Community Leadership 4.0: Impacting a World Gone Wiki
Community Leadership 4.0:
Impacting a World Gone Wiki

By Carolyn Corbin
Publication Date: 2011
ISBN: 1439252888
Trade paperback: 6 by 9 inches
Pages: 258

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In Community Leadership 4.0: Impacting a World Gone Wiki, author Carolyn Corbin tackles one of the burning questions of our day: how can communities grow and thrive when faced with monumental change? This book poses that very question in a provocative, original approach that breaks new ground and offers up a wealth of hitherto unavailable information on how communities evolve.

 A community is defined by the author as a place where people are “doing life together.” There are four stages for community development, but most communities are in stage three (Community 3.0), while some are entering stage four (Community 4.0). The main objective of this book is to show how community leaders can lead their communities from whatever stage they may be in, to a 4.0 community. Author Corbin defines a new organizational design, the “wiki community,” and the context in which “the world gone wiki” operates.

 In order to sustain a community in our new, globalized world, community leaders must understand the differences between Community 3.0 and Community 4.0. To facilitate this understanding, Community Leadership 4.0 illustrates its core principles and major ideas through observations, ample anecdotes, case studies, and interviews with active Community 4.0 leaders. Transformational community leaders will have to possess and demonstrate certain qualities. Those skills and abilities are identified in this book, along with the critical initiatives that a Community Leader 4.0 must take to move any community forward.

Written for all community leaders—including mayors, city managers and staff, chambers of commerce, city councils, school boards, non-profit boards, city boards and commissions, and grass-roots leaders from every walk of life—this book brings vision, clarity, and much needed leadership to the problem of community sustainability in the 21st Century. This is a must read for anyone interested in the health, preservation, and the future of their community in an ever expanding world of change.

Carolyn Corbin is president of the Center for the 21st Century (C21C), a socioeconomic think tank providing keynote speeches, executive briefings, organizational training, and consulting for the business, government, and nonprofit sectors. As an internationally renowned author, speaker, socioeconomic futurist, and consultant, Corbin has been spotlighted in hundreds of TV, radio, Internet, and periodical interviews reaching people on every major continent. Her clients include some of the most influential organizations in the world. During her career, she has received numerous professional honors and awards. Corbin is also the author of four other books that have garnered numerous accolades, including: Strategies 2000, Conquering Corporate Codependence, Great Leaders See the Future First, and A Promise to America.

Useful as individual reading or as class or group study material, textbook, e-text, or supplemental reading. For example, in addition to individual application, this book is being used as a textbook in leadership classes for chambers of commerce and as supplemental reading for university classes in public affairs.

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