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  • Community Leadership 4.0:  Impacting a World Gone Wiki
  • A Promise to America
  • Great Leaders See the Future First
  • Conquering Corporate Codependence:  Lifeskills for Making It Within or Without the Corporation
  • Strategies 2000

Community Leadership 4.0
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Carolyn has written five books. Her latest book, Community Leadership 4.0: Impacting a World Gone Wiki, was selected Book of the Month for March, 2013, by the Foresight Institute of the Prime Minister's Department in Malaysia as well as being named a Book Pick of the World Future Society in 2012. After seven years of research, Carolyn has identified the qualities of a community necessary to establish it as a healthy, vibrant, sustainable force in an ever expanding world of change. Leaders who move communities forward must possess a unique cluster of proficiencies, which are identified in the book as stage 4.0 skills. 

Stressing that a community cannot rise above the quality of its leadership, the book provides a mandate for leaders to understand the new normal in a world gone wiki—i.e., a culture wherein people demand an open-source, transparent, interactive, vital environment resulting in constant chaos and dynamic interchange. Leading in such a setting demands a transformational mindset, which is a rare quality in today’s global society.  

Written for all community leaders—including mayors, city managers and staff, chambers of commerce, city councils, school boards, non-profit boards and staff, city boards and commissions, and grass-roots leaders from every walk of life—this book promises a unique approach to sustainability.

Carolyn's fourth book, A Promise to America (PenPoint Press, 2003), has received favorable reviews nationwide.  As a result of this work, she has been a guest on radio programs reaching a total of over 60,000,000 people worldwide since October 2003.  The Heritage Foundation, a prestigious conservative Washington, DC, think tank that hosts such columnists as Cal Thomas, Chuck Colson, Ann Coulter, and Bill O’Reilly selected A Promise to America to be favorably reviewed on alongside Newt Gingrich’s novel, Gettysburg, and Judge Robert Bork’s  work, Coercing Virtue: The Worldwide Rule of Judges.

Carolyn was motivated to write this book as a result of her work with nuclear scientists immediately before the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency weapons inspectors entered Iraq in September, 2002.  From her perspective as a socioeconomic futurist, Carolyn provides a unique view of America’s future in these globally dangerous times based on history, social trends, and ideological issues. 

Carolyn Corbin
Author - Socioeconomic Futurist - Speaker

Carolyn Corbin

Carolyn Corbin

Carolyn Corbin is president of the Center for the 21st Century, a socioeconomic think tank which provides speeches, executive briefings, consulting, and organizational training in critical 21st century issues.

As an internationally renowned author, speaker, socioeconomic futurist, and consultant, she has been spotlighted in hundreds of TV, radio, Internet, and periodical interviews on every major continent. Her work holds a reputation for being accurate and decisive. Carolyn’s client base includes a virtual “Who’s Who” of global organizations—including corporations, universities, governments, churches, and nonprofit agencies.

In her work, Carolyn has shared programs with former President of the United States George H. W. Bush, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Jeanne Kirkpatrick, Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger, Ralph Nader, Lt. Col. Oliver North, Fortune Magazine's Jeffrey Birnbaum, NBC Sportscaster Dick Enberg, Canadian Ambassador to the United Nations Stephan Lewis, Secretary of Education Dr. Terrel Bell, TV personality Dick Clark, President of the Motion Picture Association of America Jack Valenti, Senator Elizabeth Dole, Secretary of Labor William Brock, Sesame Street Executive Producer Jon Stone, and Secretary of Transportation Samuel K. Skinner, just to name a few.

Carolyn holds BA and MA degrees in psychology from the University of North Texas.  She is active in her local community of McKinney, Texas, serving on multiple education, civic, religious, and historic boards and committees. Additionally, she, for many years, has held various positions as Bible teacher, committee chair, and member of local churches.  Carolyn is a member of the World Future Society, American Society for Training & Development, McKinney (Texas) Chamber of Commerce, and Melissa (Texas) Chamber of Commerce.  The University of North Texas designated her as Distinguished Alumna. McKinney High School has named her to the Distinguished Lions Hall of Honor. Inside Collin County Business newspaper has selected Carolyn as one of the recipients of the 21 for the 21st Century leadership award; McKinney Magazine listed her in the 2012 Top Women in Business; and the Toastmasters of Peru have honored her with their Most Impressive American award. In 2013, Leadership McKinney alumni and the McKinney Chamber of Commerce paid tribute to Carolyn by establishing the annual full tuition Carolyn Corbin Leadership McKinney Scholarship to be awarded to a Leadership McKinney candidate demonstrating the values of excellence, hard work, integrity, civic involvement, and a desire for lifelong learning.  Carolyn has been named as Texas Role Model for Entrepreneurial Women and is listed in Outstanding Young Women of America, World’s Who’s Who of Women, Who’s Who in the South and Southwest, and International Who’s Who of Intellectuals.

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More Resources available by Carolyn Corbin

Great Leaders See the Future First

Her third book, Great Leaders See the Future First, which continues to hold timeless 21st century wisdom, was published in June, 2000. It debuted as # 1 on the Dallas Morning News local best seller list and has been named by The Business Book Bookstore & Review as one of the "100 Best Business Books for 2007 from"  The book has also been named one of the top five leadership books on The Business Success Store's current "best of the best" Million $ Leadership Books from by The Empowered Business. Additionally, AchieveMax, Inc., listed Great Leaders See the Future First in its Top 10 Books—4th Edition. In the book, Corbin coaches leaders on how to succeed in the face of critical 21st century issues. As an example of her foresight in the book, she warned that two crucial issues facing America were terrorism and religious conflict. And that book came out a year before the events of 9/11. This work, which continues to be popular, is being used as a resource in businesses, private libraries, seminaries, and universities on every major continent and has been translated into Korean and Chinese languages for use in those respective countries.

Conquering Corporate Codependence:  Lifeskills for Making It Within or Without the Corporation

Carolyn’s second book, Conquering Corporate Codependence:  Lifeskills for Making It Within or Without the Corporation, was named as the esteemed Newbridge Book Club’s Executive Program Main Selection. This is the first thorough examination of personal strategies for succeeding in a free-lance economy. Published in 1993, this book foresees the chaos of an American economy wherein a majority of the work force will end up as non-permanent workers.
Strategies 2000

Strategies 2000
, her first book, was an immediate #1 business best seller and was endorsed by The Kiplinger Washington Letter as one of the best business books of 1986. Even in looking ahead fourteen years, an amazing 95% of the conditions Corbin forecast were indeed happening around the year 2000. One of her most exciting predictions was that the world would be technologically interconnected by the year 2000. She had foreseen the global availability of the Internet!

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