Great Leaders See The Future First

Taking Your Organization to the Top in Five Revolutionary Steps

By Carolyn Corbin
Publication Date: 2000
ISBN: 0-7931-3685-7

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Great Leaders See the Future First, published in June, 2000, debuted as # 1 on the Dallas Morning News local best seller list and has been named by The Business Book Bookstore & Review as one of the "100 Best Business Books for 2007 from".  The book has also been named one of the top five leadership books on The Business Success Store's current "best of the best" Million $ Leadership Books from by The Empowered Business.

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To compete in the new millennium, leaders must graduate to a higher level, gain a different perspective, and learn new skills.

In the 21st century,

  • Structural change accelerates

  • Fast becomes faster.

  • Competition gets stiffer.

  • Profit margins shrink.

  • Key labor markets tighten.

  • Knowledge is capital.

  • International mergers and acquisitions prevail.

  • Downsizings continue.

  • Success demands focus.

Great Leaders See The Future First
encourages leaders to move:





Emphasizing hard skills


Focusing on the whole person

Being busy


Becoming productive

Leading in a fast environment


Leading at warp speed

Gathering information


Gathering intelligence

Managing turbulence


Preempting chaos

Employing traditional methods


Operating via electronic mode

Managing positions


Managing people flow

Doing the same things better


Improving processes through innovative ideas, products, and services

Giant Steps Leaders Can Take To Reach The Next Level

  1. Orchestrate a 360 worldview.  

  2. Order the chaos.

  3. Blend multiple organizational models.

  4. Engage the whole person.

  5. Ignite innovation.

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